About Ethos Consulting, LLC

Ethos Consulting provides Business Intelligence Leadership to boost the performance of businesses and accelerate profitability.  The focus is straight forward: to problem-solve growth through business coaching and mentoring.  Businesses challenged with elevating to the next level of growth don’t need complexity – the best path to attaining results is through a simplified, implementable framework and solutions that will accelerate growth.

The demands on many organizations is changing at a faster rate than their ability to make changes and adapt.  With the introduction of new competitors, evolving client expectations, industry changes, economic forces and progress in technology, businesses are confronted with new short-term and long-term challenges.  Finding innovative ways to adapt is critical to sustain:

  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Employee Engagement
  • Client Retention
  • Sales Growth
  • Scalability
  • Financial Health

As a way to meet these challenges, Ethos Consulting believes its clients should receive high quality work that is immediately actionable and realistic to achieve without the cost challenges.  For small businesses and individual practitioners, achieving success means having a support system to make changes and help sustain new solutions required to compete and win new clients.

DAVID NEWKIRK, Principal and Founder

As Principal and Founder, David brings over 30 years of experience working in large corporations, small privately owned companies and business start-ups. His work has been a source of innovative thinking that has changed how industries and business leaders adapt to the ongoing dynamic changes impacting them.  The innovation has led to his creation of ADEPT6, a program that is changing how businesses adapt and make changes to sustain growth and profitability.

Prior to founding Ethos Consulting LLC, his second business, David has had a wide ranging set of management responsibilities across organizations covering all aspects of the business with the exception of financial management & accounting – his field of study at Penn State University.

David is frequently asked to speak on the topic of ADEPT6 and transforming businesses into profitability.  His speaking engagements include workshops, industry conferences and podcasts.

Outside of work, he is a Board Member for a non-profit organization and is also involved in several philanthropic efforts throughout the year focused on helping families in need, Veterans and the elderly.

David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from The Pennsylvania State University and received his UC Berkley Management Program in Financial Services certification.

Ethos Consulting LLC
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