Ethos Consulting helps Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses & Non-Profits across industries to compete and sustain business growth.

We provide the most effective consulting experience in the market.

Our client’s goal is “to build a stronger organization and have the foresight to move their business in a different direction to meet the needs of prospects & clients”. Too often businesses get stuck and need an objective view as to how they will get to their next goal. Clients come to the realization they need expertise and end up experiencing the benefits of Ethos Consulting’s innovation and solutions tailored to their business.

Clients prefer collaboration with Ethos Consulting because “they focus 100% on us and give us the knowledge and tools to be confident embracing change and knowing we will have success”. We understand the importance of sustainable solutions, which is why we integrate Leadership Development, Leadership Training and Executive Coaching within all of our work for clients. By providing the right tools for all of the key players, we help to ensure business growth. These tools are determined as part of our unique 5 Step Consulting Process, which is tailored to each individual client’s needs and goals.

Our success is based on our deep industry expertise and flexible approach in how we engage with clients.

All Ethos Consulting engagements involve a 5-step process to ensure we deliver the highest quality program.  This approach provides the tools and knowledge clients require to adapt and move their organization to a higher level of long-term success.

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